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Since 2007, New Balance Foundation has invested millions of dollars in physical activity, nutrition education and academic initiatives to help children across Somerset County lead healthy and successful lives. Support from NB Foundation has allowed Move More Kids to work with youth and families in 28 schools, after school programs, childcares and the community. Move More Kids works with schools to strengthen district wellness policy language, provide equipment, training and programming to support healthy eating and active lifestyles.

NB Foundation has a 20-year commitment to obesity prevention and invests in science and research, evidence-based interventions and capacity building for Massachusetts and Maine-based non-profits. Their leadership has resulted in strategies, resources and tools that help improve the health of our children.

Collaborations with the NBF Childhood Obesity Prevention Center at Boston Children’s Hospital and the 100 Mile Club are two prime examples of the true partnership MMK has built with New Balance Foundation. Together, we are focused on helping children lead healthy, active, and enriching lives.

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team member brady coteau somerset public health

Brady Croteau

Community Health Educator

Hi I’m Brady Croteau, a Let’s Go! & SNAP-Ed Coordinator for Somerset County. This work is important to me because I get to work with both youth and adults in making lifestyle changes around healthy eating and active living. My favorite part of the job is being able to promote physical activity and getting people outside! Living in Maine we have amazing outdoor opportunities through all four seasons, so there is something for everyone and working with individuals to discover those new hobbies or strengthening a budding interest is what I enjoy the most.

somerset public health employee Kristie LeBlanc

Kristie LeBlanc

Assistant Director

Hi, I am Kristie LeBlanc. I oversee and manage the physical activity and nutrition programs in Somerset County. I have worked closely with schools and the community since 2008 providing infrastructure, resources and programming through the Move More Kids Program, Let’s Go! 5210 Program and the Maine Snap-Ed Program. Providing opportunities to improve healthy eating and active living, and teaching youth the importance of being physically active starting at a young age has always been my favorite part of this work. On the weekends, you’ll find me enjoying Lake George, and connecting with nature through hiking, biking and cross country skiing.

Michele LeBlanc somerset public health employee

Michele LeBlanc

Community Health Educator

Hi, I am Michele LeBlanc. I came to SPH having worked as a retail pharmacist, where my favorite part of the job was talking with and counseling patients regarding their medications and overall health.  When contemplating a career change, I knew that being a Community Health Educator with the MMK/Let’s Go programs would allow me to implement those experiences that I most enjoyed.  I love that I can empower children with knowledge around physical activity and nutrition as well as provide self-care tools to help set the foundation for a healthy life.  I believe that many of our behaviors are formed in childhood and if healthy eating and active living are modeled and promoted in childhood, it is much more likely to transition into adulthood behaviors.  In my spare time I enjoy biking, reading, spending time with my children and grandchildren and relaxing at my favorite place, Embden Pond.

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Thank You!

Thank you to the New Balance Foundation for supporting Somerset Public Health, and funding the MOVE MORE KIDS program in Somerset County.

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