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100 Mile Club engages and empowers kids and families to achieve a healthy lifestyle through physical activity nationwide; preventing childhood inactivity and obesity, one child, one school, and one community at a time, benefiting both physical and mental health. A New Balance Foundation supported program, 100 Mile Club is offered in all schools in Somerset County either before, during or after school.

Since 2016, 2,500+ Somerset County students have accumulated over 200,000 miles in 100 Mile Club!

465 students in Somerset County participated in 100 Mile Club either in person or at home with parents while remote. 

100 Mile Club - Since 1993

Meet Gabriel

Meet Gabriel – an energetic first grader that loves the 100 Mile Club and had a goal to reach 500 miles this school year. Gabriel’s mom contacted me early on in the school year when he wasn’t able to participate at school as they were on a hybrid schedule with no after school programming allowed due to COVID restrictions. Their family was dealing with a lot as Gabriel’s grandmother had been recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Running was his outlet and his passion and the 100 Mile Club kept him focused and positive. Gabriel completed a weekly spreadsheet of his daily fitbit miles and his mom would send them, along with a photo of him doing his favorite physical activity. The Move More Kids Program shared his story throughout the year on our social media and he became quite popular. He became so popular that the 100 Mile Club reached out and asked if he would participate in the Good Morning America segment on their program! At year end, he completed over 800 miles!

He also participated in the 100 Mile Club’s Summer program, Club 262 completing 402 miles over the Summer months!

The Hartwell Brothers

The Hartwell brothers were in full competition with each other to see who could get the most miles.

Bryce finished with 833 miles and his younger brother Jacob finished with 731 miles!

For more information about the 100 Mile Club, please visit: 100mileclub.com

“What I like most about this program is that it provides children who may not otherwise be part of a team, a chance to belong. This program provides a great sense of community between staff, parents, and students”
— Bev Foss, Lead teacher
“I love the 100 mile club, I have attended almost every one. I’m glad we did it throughout the winter. I was able to make my 100 miles!!!”
— Lily, Grade 4
“The 100 Mile Club has been a great way for my children to learn about setting small goals and using their successes to develop bigger goals. All four of them have learned lessons in doing their best and have seen how hard work pays off. It is a great program to get kids involved, to develop healthy habits, and allows them a time to be social. ”
— Sarena Haynie, Parent

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