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The New Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention Center is a resource for children, families, healthcare providers, staff at community organizations, and others who are dedicated to combating childhood obesity.

Over the last several decades, obesity has become an epidemic that puts healthy futures in danger. Boston Children’s Hospital and the New Balance Foundation have united with a common goal to help children develop healthful lifestyles that last into adulthood.

The Boston Children’s Hospital fit kit is the foundation for our partnership with community organizations such as Somerset Public Health and Move More Kids program, providing a set of resources to achieve Standards of Excellence in obesity prevention.

Boston Children’s Hospital’s fit kit has gone virtual with eight online lessons!
Click on the lessons below each module to complete each lesson.

“The culture at the school has changed dramatically. Staff members have seen how movement breaks, mindfulness, and encouraging healthy lifestyles positively impacts our students and their ability to focus and learn.”
— Madison Elementary School Staff

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